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X Common Questions About Skip Bin Hire

5 Common Questions About Skip Bin Hire Brisbane Customers Ask Us

At SPM Skip Bins, we’re experts in skip bin hire that Brisbane domestic and commercial customers trust. With a range of skip sizes suited for different types of waste and different jobs, you can count on us for flexibility, affordability and convenience. If you’re thinking about Brisbane skip bin hire for the first time, take a look at these 5 common questions new customers ask.

What Size Skip Bin Do I Need?

The right size skip bin depends on the type of job. As a rough guide a 3m3 skip is equivalent to 3 trailer loads or about 12 household bins. If you’re unsure what size skip you need, you can contact us to chat about the job and what you need to get rid of and we’ll advise you on what you may need. When in doubt, it’s usually better to go bigger rather than smaller as it’s cheaper to pay once for a larger skip than pay for two smaller skips.

What Can’t I Put in My Skip Bin?

Most household items, building materials and green waste can go in our skip bins. Items that aren’t suitable include anything dangerous, toxic or poisonous, including:

● Asbestos or fibro-sheeting
● Batteries
● Tyres
● Fuel, oil and other liquid waste
● Gas bottles
● Oil heaters
● Fire extinguishers
● Wet paint (dry paint in cans is acceptable)
● Medical waste
● Food waste
● Household and commercial poisons
● Ammunition
● Flares
● Wet concrete
● Insulation materials
● Tree stumps exceeding 70 cm in circumference

If hazardous waste is detected, the entire load may be taken back to your home or work site. A specialist will usually be required to handle the matter outside our control. We may also need to take the skip to another disposal site where you will be charged additional fees.3.

3. How Much Can I Fill My Skip?

Our Brisbane skip bins must only be filled to the top and no higher for legal, health and safety reasons. Do not fill above rim” is painted on all sides for anyone using the skip to see. If overfilled, you may be required to remove any excess materials in your sip to allow it to be safely removed by our truck drivers. If excess waste is not removed for an extended period of time, you may be liable for additional fees according to our terms and conditions.

4. Can I Choose Where the Skip Gets Placed?

We can accommodate requests to place skip bins in particular spots for your convenience spending on access, safety and suitability. Our skip trucks require a driveway of at least 3 metres with clear access free of trees, power lines and other obstructions for our crane to lay the skip down.

Please contact us if you think your driveway will be difficult and send us pictures so we can assess your needs. While we prefer to place skips on driveways or front yards, we can also place them on the nature strip or street provided you have council approval.

5. What Happens If Other People Place Rubbish in My Skip?

Some people may see your skip bin as an opportunity to get rid of some of their waste. It is ultimately your responsibility, however, to ensure your skip bin is not misused by others while in your possession. This is one of the reasons why we prefer placing skips within your property. We recommend periodically checking the inside of your skip to ensure it hasn’t been misused.

Reliable Brisbane Skip Bin Hire

At SPM Skip Bins, our Brisbane skip bins come in sizes ranging from 3m3 to 12m3 to cater to a range of different rubbish disposal needs. Book in today for skip bins in Brisbane, Springfield, Greenbank, Capalaba and Logan City.

How to Find the Best Priced Skip Bins in Queensland

How to Find the Best Priced Skip Bins in Queensland

When it comes to finding the best skip bins in Brisbane, customers will often consider pricing. It’s not as simple as finding the cheapest possible skip bins, however. It’s important to ensure the hire company is experienced, reputable and reliable to ensure timely delivery and collection along with a commitment to the responsible, legal management of waste.

At SPM Skip Bins, we pride ourselves in providing skip bins Brisbane domestic and commercial customers can rely on for affordability and convenience. Below we look at what affects skip bin pricing and what you can expect to pay depending on the job at hand.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Skip Bins?

Size is the biggest influencer of price. Larger skip bins are more costly so it’s important to determine how much waste you need to remove before shopping around. The wrong size estimate might mean you end up paying for two smaller skips instead of one medium or large skip. Most skip bins have a load limit for each size. The heavier the waste, the more expensive it is to dispose of. If you’re getting rid of heavy materials, expect the price to be higher.

Your property or worksite location can also affect the cost of skip bin hire services. Hiring skip bins costs around $50 per m3 per day in Queensland and $89 per m3 per day in New South Wales on average. One way to access more affordable rates is by looking for local skip bin hire contractors.

Our Price List at SPM Skip Bins

With SPM Skip Bins Brisbane customers can access competitive prices based on skip size and the materials being disposed of. We offer a 7 day hire period with a flat rate of $15 a day after the initial hire period.

General waste:

3m3 (Max 600kg) – $380
4m3 (Max 800kg) -$430
5m3 (Max 1000kg) – $495
6m3 (Max 1.2 tonne) – $550
8m3 (Max 1.5 tonne) – $695
10m3 (Max 2.1 tonne) – $820
12m3 (Max 2.3 tonne) – $925

Green waste:

3m3 (Max 600kg) – $320
4m3 (Max 800kg) -$360
5m3 (Max 1100kg) – $430
6m3 (Max 1.7 tonne) – $480
8m3 (Max 2.5 tonne) – $580
10m3 (Max 3.2 tonne) – $660
12m3 (Max 4 tonne) – $780

Commercial and construction waste:

3m3 (Max 1.2 tonne) – $400
4m3 (Max 1.6 tonne) – $505
5m3 (Max 2.0 tonne) – $570
6m3 (Max 2 tonne- $675
8m3 (Max 2.2 tonne) – $810
10m3 (Max 3.4 tonne) – $950
12m3 (Max 4.8 tonne) – $1195

Mixed heavy waste:

3m3 (Max 3 tonne) – $450
4m3 (Max 4 tonne) – $570
5m3 (Max 5 tonne) – $680
6m3 (Max 6 tonne) – $820
8m3 (Max 7 tonne) – $1030
10m3 (Max 8 tonne) – $1200
12m3 (Max 10 tonne) – $1400

Concrete and bricks:

3m3 (No Weight Limit) – $335
4m3 (No Weight Limit) – $440
5m3 (No Weight Limit) – $500
6m3 (No Weight Limit) – $570
8m3 (No Weight Limit) – $695


3m3 (No Weight Limit) – $330
4m3 (No Weight Limit) – $440
5m3 (No Weight Limit) – $510
6m3 (No Weight Limit) – $590
8m3 (No Weight Limit) – $690
10m3 (No Weight Limit) – $900

A 3m3 skip is equivalent to 3 trailer loads. Keep in mind an overweight charge of $175 per tonne applies if you overfill by weight. If you’re unsure what size or weight limit you need for your waste, get in touch with our team for advice.
See our terms and conditions for more information about any other costs that can apply.

The Best Skip Bins in Brisbane

At SPM Skip Bins, we pride ourselves on providing a cost-effective and professional local service with durable skip bins made by Australian manufacturers. Book in today for skip bins in Brisbane, Springfield, Greenbank, Capalaba and Logan City.

Why Commercial Skip Bins are Worth It

Why Commercial Skip Bins are Worth It in Springfield

Considering commercial bin hire for your business? At SPM Skip Bins, we provide delivery and pick up services for a range of different size commercial skips capable of managing anything from construction waste to green waste. Servicing Springfield, Brisbane, Greenbank, Capalaba and Logan City, our skip bins provide an affordable and convenient solution for managing waste. Below, we look at why hiring skip bins is worth it.

Applications and Benefits Of Hiring a Skip Bin

Commercial bin hire eliminates the stress of figuring out what to do with a large amount of waste generated from your business activities, allowing you to:

● Create a safer work environment
● Save time and money
● Remove clutter and free up space
● Enjoy a convenient, responsible, environmentally sustainable disposal of waste.

Instead of hauling a large amount of bulky waste to the tip yourself, you can rely on a professional team of rubbish removers to deliver and collect your skip bin at a convenient time, transport it and sort it all out for you.

Reduce the Cost of Waste Management

Skip bin hire is more cost-effective than removing waste yourself. Rather than purchasing your own waste container, arranging your own transportation and dealing with other potential costs to dispose of it legally, you can let the experts take care of it. Hiring a skip bin eliminates the work and associated costs by taking care of it all with one single service.

You can also enjoy the peace of mind that any items that can be recycled will be. Meanwhile, green waste gets processed and turned into new composting products rather than ending up in landfill.

Does Your Business Generate a Lot of Waste?

Businesses in the construction, mining, industrial, retail and landscaping industries are prone to generating a large amount of waste on a regular basis. From bricks and concrete to cardboard boxes, tree shrubs and lawn clippings, commercial skips offer the ideal solution for managing large amounts of waste with minimal effort. Simply book your skip, have it dropped off, fill it up and then watch your waste get taken away and disposed of responsibly.

Keep in mind certain items cannot be disposed of in skip bins. This includes asbestos, batteries, gas bottles, fuel, oil, fire extinguishers, wet paint, toxic chemicals and other hazardous materials. View our terms and conditions for more information on what you can and can’t place in SPM Skip Bins.

Book a Commercial Skip in Springfield

At SPM Skip Bins, we’re the team you can trust for your commercial bin hire needs. Book now for skip delivery and pick up services across Springfield, Brisbane, Greenbank, Capalaba and Logan City.

Can I Book Same Day Green Waste Removal

Can I Book Same Day Green Waste Removal in Brisbane? 

Green waste rubbish removal is simple with the team at SPM Skip Bins. Our simple process makes managing green waste simple and convenient, while ensuring it gets put to good use. For same day green waste removal Brisbane customers can simply get in touch with our team and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Find out more about the process below and the benefits of green waste skip hire.

How to Book Same Day Green Waste Skip Collection

Same day green waste rubbish removal depends on availability of skip bins and trucks as well as the time of your booking. By getting in touch as soon as you know you need a same day service, you can increase the chance of us being able to arrange it.

  • Book your collection: Get in touch and book a time for us to drop off and pick up your green waste skip. Here you can specify details about the booking such as your suburb, bin size and the type of materials you want to dispose of
  • Green waste skip drop off and collection: Once a booking is arranged, our team will drop off and collect your green waste skip at the times specified.
  • Recovery and treatment: When we pick up the green waste skip, we’ll then take it to a recovery and treatment facility, where it will be sorted and turned into compost and other organic products.

Getting the right skip bin depends on the type of job. If you’re unsure, feel free to contact us for advice. When in doubt, it’s typically better to go bigger rather than smaller.

What is Appropriate for Green Waste Rubbish Removal?

When it comes to green waste removal Brisbane customers can dispose of any excess organic garden matter you want removed, such as:

  • Lawn clippings
  • Branches
  • Garden pruning
  • Leaves
  • Weeds
  • Flowers
  • Plants
  • Hedge trimmings

Items like rocks, brick, stones, gravel, rubble, glass, metal and plastic plant pots must all be kept out of your green waste skip.What Happens to Green Waste Once Collected?

What Happens to Green Waste Once Collected?

Our goal is to ensure our rubbish removal services are as sustainable as they can be, with as few items ending up in landfill where possible. When it comes to our green waste skips, we take the necessary steps to help turn your discarded garden waste into useful, recycled products such as compost. When we collect your green skip bin, we first check to see that the waste is 100 percent green matter before taking it to a processing facility.

There, any inorganic materials that remain are removed before heating the waste up for several days to kill any pathogens and weed seeds. After that, it’s aerated in a humid environment for 1 to 2 months, turning it into rich, nutrient rich compost ready to return to the soil and help new life grow.

Why is It Important To Dispose of Green Waste Separately?

Green waste can be harmful if not disposed of properly. It takes up unnecessary space in landfill where it emits methane as it decomposes, polluting the air and increasing the risk of fire. By disposing of green waste properly, you can also avoid it ending up in local environments and impacting native flora and local biodiversity.

If you need to dispose of inorganic material, we can help with that as well. Contact us to talk through your specific rubbish removal requirements lor if you have any other questions so we can determine the best approach.

Book Now for Green Waste Removal in North Brisbane

At SPM Skip Bins, we’re the experts green waste removal in North Brisbane that domestic and commercial customers can trust. We also provide services throughout Springfield, Greenbank, Capalaba and Logan City. Book today.

X Tips for Rental Skip Bins Greenbank

5 Tips for Rental Skip Bins Greenbank Customers Can Follow

Whether you are renovating your kitchen, landscaping your yard or working on a construction site, a skip bin can make handling waste removal simple. At SPM Skip Bins, we’re the trusted providers of skip bin hire Greenbank depends on for prompt, convenient services. Below are some key tips and considerations for skip bin hire Greenbank customers should take into account.

1. Type of Waste

Start by considering what type of waste you are planning on throwing away as different skips suit different purposes. Green waste skips, for example, can only receive organic garden matter while a general waste skip bin can handle most household junk like paper, cardboard, furniture and clothes. Keep in mind that heavy waste, such as concrete, dirt or bricks require a specific type of truck and specific sized skip designed to handle the weight.

2. What Size Skip Bin

Next, consider how big of a skip bin you need. Sizes at SPM Skip Bins range from 3m3 to 12m3 with weight restrictions varying depending on the type of waste. Consider roughly how much rubbish you have and its weight to determine what size skip bin you need. A 3m3 skip holds the equivalent of around 3 standard trailer loads of rubbish. You can also discuss your job with our team and we can offer advice on an appropriate size.

3. Location

Consider your location and potential skip bin placement. We deliver skip bins throughout Greenbank, Brisbane, Springfield, Capalaba and Logan City. The most common placement for residential customers in on the driveway. Alternatively, your skip bin can be placed on the road or nature strip subject to local council approval.

Ideally, you want your skip bin close to the work area as possible to prevent strain and fatigue from repeated trips to the bin. Let our team know if the placement area involves a sloped surface, a narrow street, potential obstruction to traffic or pathways or consists of fragile material such as driveways made from polished concrete or mosaics.

4. Hire Time

Make sure you have a fair idea of how long your job is going to take. At SMB Skip Bins, our minimum hire time is 7 days with a $15 per day flat rate after this initial period. With careful planning and a strategically timed booking, you can save money. Once your skip arrives, you can be ready to go.

5. Look for Reputation and Experience

Don’t just go for the cheapest quote only to receive poor service or incorrect advice. For rental skip bins you can depend on, choose a local company that has a strong track record of satisfied customers and a commitment to disposing of different types of waste responsibly. An experienced, reputable company will be able to assist you whether your waste is commercial, green waste or general rubbish.

Book Now for Quality Rental Skip Bins in Greenbank At SPM Skip Bins, we offer convenient, affordable rental skip bins in a range of sizes throughout Greenbank, Brisbane, Springfield, Capalaba and Logan City customers can trust. Book today.

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