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Yes, you can request a particular spot for your skip and the driver will assess it for suitability/health and safety risks before ENTERING YOUR PREMISES

We always aim to assist if possible, but same-day delivery will depend on the time of your booking and whether our truck time, but we can and always try our best, even if it’s a little later in the evening to help you out, just call us, if your keen to wait a few hours, I’ll get you a bin there

Our Skip bins must only be filled to the top of the bin and no higher, “do not fill over rim” is painted on all sides for every one to see, and for health/legal reasons cannot have any material over the top of the bin. If your skip is overfilled, you may be required to remove the excess material to enable the skip to be removed. In instances where excess waste is not removed for an extended period of time, the customer may be liable for additional fees, this is something is in our terms and conditions that you have agreed to when you ordered your bin

Spm  skip is in your possession you must ensure that it’s not used inappropriately by others, this is why we must try to place our skp skip bin inside your property to avoid this from happening.

No, you don’t need to be there, sometimes it helps to put something exactly where you would the bin, then our driver can move your item “etc a large rock, kids bike” but when you book let us know any special instructions on our order form.

Contact us as soon as possible please, to arrange for your skip to be serviced and returned (additional charges will apply) or to hire an additional skip.

Yes, definitely contact us through email or by phone “preferred”  to arrange earlier removal.

The driver will collect the skip on the agreed date. Please  Allow enough time to finish your project before the booked collection date, or to  reschedule if you need more time. If you ask the driver to come back after he has arrived to collect, you will be liable for further charges as told in terms and conditions.

All of our skip trucks require a driveway at least 3 m(3000mm) “a minium of 2.8m is what we need with clear access with no obstructing tree branches, power, electrical  cables, we need room for our crane to lay the bin down for you, please Contact us if you think your driveway will be difficult  and we can assess your needs via you sending us pictures of your access to the driveway, or if your very local, myself can drop by to have  a look at your situation and get the job done for you.

Skip bin size’s depends on the type of job, if your not sure, email me and ring me, I’ll be happy to help you out,  and also the size of the  skip location, the truck and your driveway. Always go bigger rather than smaller if you are unsure, rather pay once then haven to pay a second time, it’s a way better exercise or you may need to hire a second skip.

Potentially dangerous waste and toxic or poisonous items, this is including asbestos and fibro-sheeting, batteries can spill acid, burn you, and can blow up if your throwing in heavy items on top of the battery, fire extinguishers, food waste (unless by special arrangement), fuel, oil, household/commercial poisons and other liquid waste, gas bottles, medical/infectious waste, paint products and related items, tyres, ammunition, flares and wet concrete as all stated in terms and conditions.

Most general household items, building and green waste must be treated with respect also please, these days we have FIRE AINTS from soil/dirt, plus green waste is limited to no LARGE tree stumps, as stated in terms and conditions.

You cannot at all, absolutely nothing, we are not licenced to do so, if found in a spm skip bin, we both will be charged and fined for doing so.