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Terms & Conditions

By ordering from SPM Skip Bins, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:-

1. Be sure to follow all markings on skip bins, and do not overload bins above the rims.

2. At our discretion, excessive or overweight items will not be transported. Overload charges may apply at $256 per tonne. every bin has a weight limit to what you have paid for, eg, if your bin was only allowed 1200kg and we weight it off, and it comes in at 1600kg. you will be asked to pay the extra $102.40

3. SPM Skip Bins is not responsible for damage to driveways or properties if the bins are placed in accordance with the instructions of the hirer. The tenant, landlord, boss or whoever gave the instructions will be liable.

4. In the event of overweight/overload, the bin can be unloaded by the driver if it’s safe, or payment will be made before the bin is collected/removed.

5. In the event that a bin or bins have been moved from the drop off location, no responsibility is taken for damages to a house, fences or driveway.

6. In the event that any damage to our skip bins occurs on site or on a house lot/land, you will be charged for the cost of repairing the skip bin.

7. If the driver is instructed to place the bin in a certain location and the truck becomes bogged or stuck, the hirer/landlord/boss/tenant/agent is responsible for paying for the cost of the truck’s recovery and repairs to the owners of the property.

8. As part of the delivery or pick-up process, if SPM Skip Bins cannot access the delivery or pick-up location for any reason, (e.g. the gates are locked, or vehicles / bikes / trucks are parked in the way of the bin), an amount of $90 will need to be paid before any further attempts are made.

9. Defaults on payments made by credit cards or bank transfers will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Furthermore, you may be charged with fraud and be charged for the time wasted by the hirer.

10. In the event that an SPM Skip Bin is damaged, dented, or graffitied by the hirer while on site/premises, the hirer will be charged according to the damage. In the event that the invoice is not paid, the debt will be turned over to a solicitor/debt collection agency.The agency cost is added to your invoice for you to pay.

11. If you cancel the order after a bin has been ordered and paid for, a refund will be provided provided that sufficient time has been given. A cancellation fee of 5% will apply if you cancel the order after the bin has been ordered and paid for.

12. NO Dangerous waste materials are allowed in any of SPM’s Skip Bins.

13. NO Tyres are allowed in any of SPM’s Skip Bins. In the event that tyres are found at the bottom of the bin, you will be charged $35 per tyre for car tyres and $65 per tyre for truck tyres. Hirers will receive an invoice or SPM Skip Bins will return the tyres to the hirer and place them back inside the property. You will also be liable to pay the cost to dispose of the tyres.excavator tracks small ones are $150 for disposal

14. NO Asbestos – The use of asbestos materials or products in any of SPM’s Skip Bins is strictly prohibited. We are not authorised to carry these items.

15. NO Batteries – Batteries fall under the category of dangerous materials.

16. NO Wet concrete – The hirer will be charged accordingly in the event of any damage to our bins.@ hourly rate of $45 per to clean bin.

17. NO Insulation material whatsoever. NO ROOFING POLYSTYRENE UNLESS PRIOR ARRANGMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE BEFORE HIRE OF BIN.$350 per tonne will be back charged if not delt with properly with re delivery fees on top.

18. NO Wet paints, however dry paint in tins are allowed.

19. NO Sump oil.

20. NO Poisons.no medical waste as in sharpes, needles,medication and no drugs are allowed. this is a chargeable and a police offence if dumped in the wrong manner with police.

21. NO Gas Bottles – EMPTY OR NOT – All gas bottles are strictly prohibited.

22. NO Fire Extinguishers or oil heaters.

23. NO stumps exceeding 70 cm in circumference. This refers to the circumference of the stump around the circle. We do not permit large tree stumps to be dumped, due to the lack of facilities to grind them up, otherwise you are liable to pay for the delivery of the stump(s) back to your property.

24. NO Food Waste. This is to be placed in your household rubbish bins.

25. In the event that hazardous waste is detected, the entire waste load can be taken back to your home or work site. The waste load can then be recycled by you or your employer. A specialist will also be required to handle the matter, which is outside our control. We may have to transport the skip to another disposal site, at which point the hirer/customer will be charged additional fees, which can be forwarded to higher officials for resolution.

26. Our company does not accept any responsibility for the bin(s) being delivered by the customer/hirer to the front footpath. A permit is required to place anything on a footpath. There must be at least 1.5 meters between the bin and the sidewalk. We will do our best to assist you in this situation due to space constraints. The hirer will be held responsible.

27. In the event that your bin falls, and your rubbish has blown away/fallen off, we are not responsible for picking it up. Please push your bin down and keep it there so we may carry it without it falling off and hurting anyone.

28. Mattresses will incur an extra charge of $20 per mattress

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