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Green Waste Disposal in Springfield

X Tips for Green Waste Disposal in Springfield

4 Expert Tips for Green Waste Disposal in Springfield QLD

Gardening is a satisfying and relaxing activity that allows you to connect with nature while enjoying the benefits of growing your own food or nurturing beautiful, fragrant plant life. Large-scale gardening and landscaping operations can involve generating a lot of green waste, however.

Whether clearing out your backyard at home or running a professional landscaping business, SPM Skip Bin can provide a green waste skip bin for quick and easy solutions. We also provide services throughout Springfield, Greenbank, Capalaba and Logan City. Below, we outline some tips and associated benefits of using green waste skips.

1. Dispose of Green Waste Responsibly

You can’t simply put lawn clippings, branches and leaves into your regular general waste bin. For bigger gardening and landscaping jobs, a domestic green waste bin typically isn’t big enough either. This leaves two options, taking your green waste to a resource recovery centre or hiring a green waste skip. Both ensure your green waste is managed responsibly and kept out of landfill.

2. Turn Green Waste into Useful Products

Green waste can actually be hazardous when handled inappropriately. It can spread invasive weeds, catch fire, contaminate water sources, block drains and impact local biodiversity. Green waste accounts for approximately 12 per cent of organic waste in Australia.

When you use green waste skip bin hire services, green waste is transported to facilities where it’s composted over weeks to destroy any pathogens and weed seeds. It can then be used to create products that improve soil productivity, suppress weeds and prevent root rot and soil-borne diseases. Green waste can also be used to produce biogas for fuel.

3. Place Only Appropriate Materials in Green Waste Skips

Green waste material includes pretty much everything that comes from your backyard or garden. This includes grass, loose bark, weeds, branches, sticks, flowers, hedge trimmings and trees. Garden chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides, along with treated timber, rocks, metal, glass, dirt or bricks are not green waste. These can’t be put out for green waste collection.

4. Make Disposal Easy With a Green Waste Skip

Remember, green waste is only beneficial when properly recycled and composted. If it ends up in landfills, it generates methane, as it decomposes in landfills. This can pollute air and increase the risk of fire. Green waste skip hire services make it easy to responsibly dispose of green waste. We can deliver the skip and pick it up once full, making the process simple.

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